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Issues & Legislation

“It is important to me that the entire state is represented in Salem. With the challenges brought on by the local timber based economy and high unemployment, the last thing we need is to add the burden of more taxes.

Government has a responsibility to become more efficient. I want to take my experience as a small business owner and apply it to future common sense proposals to make our job environment stronger and more efficient. I believe we need to support our timber based employers and workers as the economy changes.  We need to work with state and federal governments to expand harvesting in state forests, putting people back to work while generating millions of additional dollars for Oregon’s schools.

We need an education system that is more competitive and more efficient and we need to explore new ways to battle meth and crime. More than ever, I believe we need to work together to solve problems. We need to focus on the issues and take a common sense approach to governing this great state.”

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Government Efficiency and Accountability

Tim Freeman believes the state’s budget should begin at current spending levels and with the revenue the state actually has. The state must force Oregon’s state agencies to justify increased spending requests, utilize agency cash balances where appropriate, and freeze salaries across state government. The idea of starting out with an 11% increase from the previous year is clearly unsustainable and irresponsible.


Tim Freeman’s answer to taxes is simple:  No.  With the challenges brought on by the local timber based economy and high unemployment, the last thing we need is to add the burden of more taxes.  Government has a responsibility to become more efficient and if that includes contracting out more services to get competitive prices, then that is the direction we should go.

  1. Oppose new taxes and tax increases on Oregonians.
  2. Reform Oregon’s estate tax, among the highest in the nation, to help small businesses and families.
  3. Support the Republican plan to hire a legislative auditor to hold state government accountable for record spending.


The timber industry is hurting.  Tim Freeman believes we need to support our timber based employers and workers as the economy changes.  Tim understands that it has been the Timber Industry and its ability to employ thousands of local workers that has helped to fund local programs and services.  Now, with an imminent cut off of timber revenues from the federal government, we face even greater challenges.  Tim Freeman will work hard to represent the timber based issues that so drastically affect our area.

  1. Expand harvesting in state forests, putting people back to work while generating millions of additional dollars for Oregon’s schools.
  2. Work with the federal Congressional delegation to ease harmful regulations in our region’s federally-owned forests.
  3. Support Oregon agriculture and work to expand water supplies and water storage capacity.
  4. Reduce Oregon’s capital gains taxes, among the highest in the nation, to promote new investments in local businesses and workers.


Education is always a hot topic.  Tim believes teachers need to be rewarded for doing good work and being such an important part of our children’s lives.  At the same time, schools need to be accountable to taxpayers for the services they provide and the cost associated with those services.  The Teacher’s Union has a stranglehold on collective bargaining which has escalated cost beyond market value to the point where our schools are being compromised and made less competitive.  It’s not the teacher’s fault; they work hard everyday teaching our kids.  What we have learned is that years and years of outrageous benefits packages have stripped resources that would have gone into things like smaller class sizes, technology, supplies and teacher support.  The focus needs to be on the kids

Ultimately it is the partnership between the parents, teachers and the kids that needs to be strengthened.  Tim has children in public schools and three of his family members are teachers. He understands where the problems are and he is ready to help make our school system better.

  1. Support mandatory performance auditing for school districts to increase accountability for our tax dollars.
  2. Support professional development to help teachers prepare our kids for 21st Century jobs.
  3. Support local control, allowing local school boards to set policy without unfunded mandates and burdensome regulations from Salem.

Small Business and Regulation

Tim Freeman has owned a Shell gas station in Roseburg since 1991.  He has had dozens of employees over the years so he knows the issues facing employers today.  In addition, in the highly regulated fuel business, Tim has had to deal with mountains of red tape to operate his business.  Whether it is a land use issue or a Department of Environmental Quality issue, Tim has direct experience dealing with government interfering with his small business.  Over 80% of the people in the state of Oregon are employed by small businesses.   Tim wants to take his experience as a small business owner and apply it to future common sense proposals to make our job environment stronger and more efficient without all the government red tape.

  1. Support requiring state agencies to justify administrative rules that affect small businesses.
  2. Support business-friendly tax reforms to promote new investment and job creation.
  3. Oppose tax and fee increases on small businesses and workers, including Democrat efforts to pass new payroll taxes and raise taxes on C Corporations.

Crime, Meth and the Internet

Meth has changed the world we live in for the worse.  The statistics are staggering when you look at the impact Meth is having on property crimes and personal identity theft.  Meth addicts become so dependent that they will do anything, commit any crime to keep their habit going.  It’s a sickness our society is struggling to deal with and more works needs to be done.  Compounding the general crime problem is the evolution of the Internet and child sexual predators.  If you have kids and they have a My Space or Face Book account, you understand the issues facing parents and families.  It’s a changing world and new strategies need to be adopted to meet the challenges.

  1. Increase sentencing on career property thieves, car thieves and ID thieves.
  2. Strengthen the Oregon State Police to combat the criminal gangs that are importing meth into Oregon at record rates.
  3. Crack down on dangerous Internet predators.

Guns and 2nd Amendment Rights

Tim Freeman is an NRA member in good standing.  Tim hunts, fishes, snowmobiles and owns a motorcycle.  He loves the outdoors and quality of life Southern Oregon provides.  Tim does not support new gun control legislation that would limit the use of guns by law abiding citizens.  Enough laws have been passed to create protections, no more are needed at this time.

  1. Oppose new gun laws that threaten our Second Amendment rights.
  2. Support local hunters and fishers by protecting and expanding recreational opportunities.

Land Use, Property Rights

Our property rights should not be dictated by extremist from Portland.  Tim Freeman believes people should have more rights regarding their property, not less.  Oregon’s land use laws are some of the most restrictive in the country.  Passing Measure 49 was a mistake.  Tim will be a champion for property rights advocates and citizens.

  1. Oppose additional land use regulations on Southern Oregon property owners.
  2. Support the “Big Look” Task Force charged with updating and reforming Oregon’s land use system.
  3. Give property owners more flexibility for projects that result in economic development and job creation.

Seniors and Retired Citizens

Issues affecting seniors are increasing with the advancing age of baby boomers.  Our health care system isn’t prepared to deal with our aging population and all the issues associated with them.  Legislation like Project Independence needs to be supported and advanced which allows more seniors to stay in their homes rather than be forced to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility.  For those that choose to live in nursing homes and assisted living facilitates, they need to be supported and cared for as if they were in their own home.  Medicare and Medicaid issues are federal issues, but Tim Freeman wants to work with federal law makers to ensure the right policies are being advanced so seniors have the programs available when they are needed.

Tim Freeman also believes that there needs to be a concerted effort to make sure seniors have access to the most affordable prescription drugs possible.  Seniors should never have to make a decision between prescriptions and food or paying the rent or utilities.

  1. Fund Oregon Project Independence to allow more seniors to receive care in their own homes.
  2. Support state long-term care programs to make sure seniors get the services they need.

Community Endorsements

Tim Freeman has been endorsed by many important community leaders as well as local and state wide organizations. These endorsements are a clear illustration of his values and beliefs. He has received these endorsements because he shares the values and priorities of these groups.
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